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NYT claims Montana has “void of cultural diversity” and needs more non-white refugees

By November 5, 2019 10 Comments


  • PuzzleheadedSnowman says:

    Translation: “Montana is void of crime”

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  • so_easy_to_trigger_u says:

    Just a thought but maybe a lot of those refugees don’t want to be in Montana because it’s nothing near the climate that they’re used to?

    I’m sure anywhere is better than the situation they’re escaping, but If I was from from a tropical region I would probably be looking at a lot warmer places to live. Montana probably wouldn’t be on my radar.

  • ihatethislife2 says:


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  • sort_yourself_out says:

    I’ll take Congolese over Californians any day.

  • gotlost406 says:

    Imagration has always been our country’s economic ace in the hole only now global capitalism has shifted and immigrants are more likely to originate from the global south then Europe.

    Montana has an agricultural heavy economy and needs cheap labor be it H-2A workers or refugees. Many small farmers are aging out and their kids left long ago for better job opportunities, the RN in Denver isn’t taking a 80% pay cut to come work the farm when dad dies.

    It only takes a few articles on Wikipedia to see the disastrous effects our country’s foreign policy has had on these regions, especially the useless drug war and mining. We can’t just ruin people’s livelihoods and then deny them their international rights to sanctuary.

    Montana has always been a welcoming place and that isn’t going to change and we need the economic, cultural, and societal benefits of these people just as badly as they need refuge and a fresh start.

  • uglycsnva says:

    For those of you who don’t want can’t read due to the pay wall.

    Montana, especially places like Missoula, are experiencing a shortage of cheap labor because blue collar Montanans are being priced out by rich out of staters, and entitled college children who have access to an almost unlimited amount of federal aid and loans.

    So, the solution to this, is the NYT is saying more brown and black foreigners be brought to liberal cities to work menial service jobs for employers that pay less than living wages to them, while they live in virtual squalor sometimes 10 people to a single bedroom apartment. So they can get cheap coffee, or their beds made.

    An example of this, from the article, is how one corporation hires only foreigners for housekeeping at 9 an hour. That is about 18k a year. Placing the burden of these immigrants being exploited firmly on the American tax payer that struggles here in our state.

    According to another source, [Holiday Inn Missoula, highlighted in this article,]( accounts for about 15% of all new refugees in Missoula. [They pay an average of $9.03 an hour for these jobs.](

    It’s really sad that many progressives and liberals in this thread, and around the nation, like to exploit the labor of foreigners, especially brown and black ones, for the profit of a multibillion dollar foreign corporation. All while calling others racist, like in this thread.

    According to Steve Bullock, we have 10,000 homeless in Montana, and more than 200 of those in Missoula. Maybe we should be taking care of these people first, before we start exploiting cheap foreign labor, to the benefit of multi billion dollar corporations based in the UK.

  • someinternetdude19 says:

    Just another example of people saying that white = bad. Id much rather live in a “whiter” area. Less violent crime overall.

  • mtmeadowlark says:

    C’mon guys! The Times is just saying that there are very few brown people living in Msla and they’re right. I visit my hometown from an eastern state semi-annually and am taken aback every single time by how white Msla is. The few black, southeast asian, Chinese etc people are mostly from the university and so, transient. No one is saying that Msla doesn’t welcome and absorb immigrants.
    Just that there aren’t many of them. And compared to the rest of the country ( maybe not Idaho), there just aren’t that many of them. p

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