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Blackfeet Nation wants to create its own national park in Montana


  • gotlost406 says:

    This is a genuinely great idea.

  • Camohunter7t says:

    They 100% deserve it.

  • original_greaser_bob says:

    Worst idea since jello Jenga.

    Edit: downvote me all you want. The tribe is terrible at running things unless it’s straight into the ground. Source:enrolled member of the Blackfeet tribe living on the reservation that has to slalom down the street in my Rez ass hoopty because the tribe can’t or won’t fix the roads in town.

  • SpeckleLippedTrout says:

    I’m guessing this would not fall under the national parks pass, meaning entry would be an additional cost. And given that there are only a few routes into glacier, it could be almost impossible to avoid if you didn’t want to go through.

    Not sure how I feel about this.

  • pitamakan says:

    Sounds like they’re a lot more interested in snagging tourist dollars than in actually protecting their land. They’ve been overgrazing the land they’re talking about for years, leased a lot of it for oil and gas drilling, and generally proven themselves to be lousy land stewards. And they have what is probably the most dysfunctional tribal government in Montana, which is saying a lot.


    They need to clean up their own act before even thinking about something like this.

  • TaigaBridge says:

    Article doesn’t appear to propose changing the boundaries of Glacier, or even changing the eastern access to Glacier.

    If the Blackfeet develop some tribal land adjacent to Glacier, that seems fine… no different than state parks or Forest Service fee areas that happen to be adjacent to national parks. If they tried to close off currently-public roads on the east side of Glacier, that’d be an issue.

  • kkF6XRZQezTcYQehvybD says:

    The cabinet mountains should be turned into a national park

  • hikealot says:

    To me, a National Park means that it is administered by the National Park Service and managed by rangers. There are certain standards of stewardship that I can expect, and my annual pass should also be valid there. Is this what they are planning there, or does the tribe just want to franchise the NPS “brand” for a tribal park?

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