Steep drop in temps over weekend, 2 inches of snow possible | News

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Steep drop in temps over weekend, 2 inches of snow possible | News

A steep drop of temperatures over the weekend, and a forecast of freezing rain and snow could make traveling difficult, according to the National Weather Service in Billings. 

In Billings Friday and Saturday are forecast to be warm, with a high of a 60 degrees both days. Friday should be mostly sunny, and Saturday partly cloudy. Saturday night is forecast to rain after 11 p.m., and then begin to mix with snow. 

After 2 a.m. on Sunday chances for precipitation are 70%, with snow mixing with freezing rain. Overnight going into Sunday the temperature is expected to take a drop of about 40 degrees. 

“The main concern is that very similar to Wednesday we’re going to have a freezing drizzle that will ice up the roads,” said NWS meteorologist Nick Vertz. 

Early Sunday morning might also see some light snow, making visibility difficult, Vertz said. Sunday sees a high of 25 degrees and a low in the single digits, Vertz said. There’s a 90% chance for snow. New accumulation could be up to 2 inches for the day. 

Prior to the cold front, Friday and Saturday will bring strong crosswinds to much of south-central Montana as well, according to NWS. 

Strong crosswinds are forecast for the weekend in the Livingston and Big Timber area with gusts up to 50 to 55 mph, and 40 to 45 mph from Big Timber to Harlowton.

The wind should taper off by Saturday night, as cold temperatures sweep the area. Much of south central Montana could see up to 2 inches of snow. 

Veteran’s Day will stay cool, with a sunny high of 30 degrees in Billings, after an overnight low of 8 degrees. Temperatures start to warm up by Tuesday, with highs in the 40s going into the week across south-central Montana. 

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