Top 6 gifts for men who like building models

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Model Boats

For the nautical man whose heart is set at being at sea. Model ships range for modern to classics. Wooden Galleons to marauding aircraft carriers. Ship modeling is a hobby as old as shipbuilding itself, dating back to ancient times when water transport was first developed. Even ancient Egyptians hand crafted them. Some can be found in great tomb of Tutankhamen. The details embroidered into the classical wooden galleons of the 1600’s are the most satisfying to build. Enjoy the thrill of building model ships in the comfort of your own home with A fantastic range of Model Ship kits Most of these are from Model Space. Perfect as a gift, solo activity or as something to enjoy with the kids!

Model Planes

Like the model ships, planes come in both modern and classical designs like the spitfire. These detailed crafts are for the plane fanatic. Ever since we discovered the gift of flight, planes have held a special place in our hearts. Filling us with wonder, these magnificent models of modern engineering are incredibly detailed. Each Model Pack Comes Complete With All Your Parts & Detailed Instructions! 

Model Cars

For the racing car enthusiast. If you have someone who will spend hours watching the F1 all weekend but is lost in the off season, a model f1 car will give him something to do with his hands. This model replica of the Senna McLaren.  There are more models, so consider if he/she has any favorite team or driver, past and present.

Star Wars Models

Build the Millennium Falcon

For the Star Wars fan. Building your own millennium falcon will surely bring out the inner child in anyone. The 1:1 scale model of the movie prop will distract your man for hours. Giving you time to treat yourself. While there are many star wars themed models, you will find models from every movie and tv show you can think of. So take advantage of the vast array of products on the internet!

Model Trains

For the man that is loco for locomotives. Steam trains are something of a fascination for some people. For some, model railway sets can be something they will sink many hours into, for others, making models and spending those hours adding details to the models is more relaxing or more fun. So i would consider whether they will want a railway set to play with, or a model train to build and paint.  Either way, you have to appreciate the level of detail these models provide, having seen models and the real deal, side by side, its remarkable.

Model Tanks

If you think your gift receiver would love a war themed model but isn’t into planes or ships then tanks is going to be your go to. With over 20 of the most common WW2 tanks on offer you will find something to suit.  These models are really detailed but are the cheapest option by far. So you could even stretch and get more than one and start someones collection!

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